Who should win the GP caption competition?

Thank you for the 15 entries to the caption competition we ran in the 20 June edition.

We asked you to put words into the mouth of health minister Ben Bradshaw.
Check out the 11 July edition for details of the winner but in the meantime here are all the entries for your amusement. Which one do you think should win?

  1. ‘Her Majesty thinks she's got cash flow problems! I'm not sure we can even afford to mend that large crack in the ceiling.'
  2. ‘One day that Boots directorship will be mine, all mine ... ha ha ha!'
  3. ‘Boy, this new haemorrhoid cream the GP gave me stings!'
  4. ‘ ... and after all that, we got them to work longer hours as well!'
  5. ‘Another reason why I take Viagra - it boosts the blood flow to the lungs and speech centre.'
  6. ‘You what? Will I sign your petition?'
  7. ‘Excellent! The furore surrounding my polyclinics proposals has meant that no-one has noticed me putting the family's holiday to Barbados on my MPs' expenses account!'
  8. Ben Bradshaw comes up with a foolproof method to stop GPs being negative about his plans for primary care: laughing gas!
  9. ‘My lockjaw seems to prevent me from saying no to polyclinics.'
  10. ‘... and you say this colonoscopy is compulsory for all ministerial visitors?'
  11. ‘Ha Ha. Do not ask for more resources, my hands are tied there is no more investment in these kind of doctors' surgeries.'
  12. The blonde asks: ‘Any chance of a rise soon minister?' Bradshaw: ‘Surely you must be joking!'
  13. ‘You could have at least waited until I took my trousers down'.
  14. Man on right: ‘Naturally, minister, the private company's polyclinic will deliver excellent value for taxpayer's money ...'
  15. ‘Did you hear the one about primary care, it really is becoming a joke.'


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