Whipping up a tasty Scottish dessert

Dr Chris Duckham dishes up a traditional Scottish dessert to tantalise foreign palates

With a party of American visitors at the restaurant, on their first visit to these shores, I wanted to add a more authentic Scottish slant to the menu. After experimenting, I replaced the distinctly un-Scottish Tiramisu with this raspberry and Drambuie dessert.

For this deceptively simple dessert you will need four sundae glasses and a food processor (to do all the work for you). 

Drambuie and heather honey mousse with raspberries

  1. First soak the lady fingers in 50ml of the Drambuie then divide equally between the four sundae glasses. Place a layer of raspberries on top of each.
  2. In a food processor with a large bowl and a whisk attachment add the Mascarpone first, followed by the the cream, then the eggs and finally the runny heather honey. Whisk the mixture, initially fairly slowly but then on full speed until it attains the consistency of lightly whipped cream. Once this has been done, add the remaining Drambuie and whisk it all together for a further 30 seconds. Finally, spoon this mixture into the sundae glasses and place it in the refrigerator for four hours or overnight to allow it to set.
  3. To serve, place the remaining raspberries on top of each mousse and serve at once. 

Dr Duckham is a GP in Tongue and Armadale, Sutherland, and runs Restaurant Cote du Nord, Farr Bay Inn, Sutherland. www.farrbayinn.co.uk

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