What's all the noise about?

(The new telephone that's making a real difference to peoples lives)

Already proving itself to be a big seller overseas, a new telephone that can genuinely make a real difference to
people's lives has been unveiled this week in the UK by Noisyphones (www.noisyphones.com), it's exclusive UK

As its name implies, the 'NOISYPHONE' rings at levels unrivalled by any other telephone available in the UK. It
delivers a seriously loud ringtone volume of up to a massive 83DB, making it particularly ideal for the hard of hearing as well as those working in workshops, factories, garages or environments where there is a great deal of background noise. In addition to the increased level of ringing volume the phone also features a large and highly visible bright red flashing light.

For many elderly or disabled people confined to their home for much or all of the time, a telephone is sometimes the only real link to friends and family. The NOISYPHONE ensures they will never miss another call and that they will be able to enjoy an audible conversation more comfortably than they have been able to for many years.

NOISYPHONE is stacked with well thought-out and easy to use features and is cleverly designed to make life simple for its sers. The keypad for example has extra large 1" (2.5cm) square dialling buttons enabling easy use for those who cannot see so well or whose fingers may not be as nimble as they once were. With the new NOISYPHONE, making and receiving calls could not be simpler.

One ingenious feature of the NOISYPHONE is the addition of a further nine large speed-dial keypad buttons. These have been specifically designed to house a small picture of family members or friends, so avoiding the task of finding numbers from phone books and laboriously tapping them in, digit by digit. Simply pressing just once on the pictured key button places the user in direct contact with that person in seconds.

Most importantly, NOISYPHONE has 3 emergency buttons, easily programmable to include the 999 emergency services, a doctor's on-call number or a neighbour's or relative's number. This gives the user complete peace of mind and allows them to make immediate and direct contact with just one speedy press button action. Crucial, in the event of emergency situations such as ill health, a casualty or burglary/break-in.

NOISYPHONE has both adjustable volume and tone controls with a ring volume from zero to its full capability of a very loud 83DB. What is equally important for the user is that the actual volume via the phone's earpiece is also much louder than any other phone on the market.

NOISYPHONE is not available in the shops but can be purchased at £89.95 direct from the company's website (P/P £6.95). The product is currently available from stock but demand is expected to be high.

NOISYPHONE makes an ideal and thoughtful gift for those we care about and can be enjoyed by them day -in, day-out for years to come.


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