Welsh LMCs demand funding for work moved from secondary to primary care

Welsh LMCs have warned they will not be able to achieve government policy if work 'dumped' on them from secondary care is not funded.

Deputy GPC Wales chairwoman Dr Charlotte Jones
Deputy GPC Wales chairwoman Dr Charlotte Jones

At the Welsh LMCs conference in Newport on Saturday delegates unanimously passed a motion stating that ‘without significant investment in the community network model and transfer of resources to primary care’ it will not be possible to allow work to be transferred into the community.

It noted ‘with dismay the ongoing lack of concrete workforce plans relating to primary care’ and stressed that more GPs would be needed to implement the government’s Setting the Direction policy framework.

Swansea's Dr Emmanuel Owoso said: ‘There has to be cash in place to make this work.

‘It seems work has just been dumped on us without financial resources.

‘Lets take a stand conference that when work is being moved resources have to follow the work. If we don’t take a stand will have to suffer for it.’

The conference heard that in the last 10 years the number of consultants in Wales have risen by 30% compared with just 3% for GPs in the same period.

Deputy GPC Wales chairwoman Dr Charlotte Jones told the conference that only five return to work training courses are funded this year and only one next year, adding: ‘It doesn’t make any sense.

‘This needs support and money.

‘It should be tailored to individual’s needs.’

Swansea's Dr Alan Stevenson said: ‘We have experienced doctors who cannot practise. It is a perverse situation and I hope the GPC will do what it can to change that situation. It is invest to save. We can’t afford to throw away our colleagues.

‘We should all remember that this could happen to anyone of us at any time.’

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