Welsh GPs call for freedom from micromanagement

Health boards in Wales must stop 'interfering and micro-managing practices,' according to Welsh GPs.

Dr David Bailey: the ‘creeping invasion of micromanagement has to stop’
Dr David Bailey: the ‘creeping invasion of micromanagement has to stop’

The conference of Welsh LMCs in Newport heard how health boards across Wales have been excessively bureaucratic and controlling since their reorganisation in 2009. 

Several motions called for layers of unnecessary bureaucracy to be removed in Wales and for less interference in the way practice operate.  

Dr Greg Graham, of Gwent LMC, said the Welsh Assembly government’s latest health strategy Setting the Direction had resulted in the formation of ‘12 management boards in Gwent alone.’

GPs called for the implementation of Setting the Direction to be monitored to ensure it does not result in yet another layer of management.

GPC Wales chairman Dr David Bailey said the ‘creeping invasion of micromanagement has to stop’.

Dr Debbie Waters, of Gwent LMC, said the number of numerical measures in general practice was distracting GPs from providing care.

‘Micromanagement is a euphemism for meddling,’ she said.

'General practice is not where a high-level of interference belongs. Allow us to see our patients in a professional, self-regulated manner.’

GPs discussed calling for the government to focus on quality rather than ‘bean counting’ in primary care.

But Dr Mike Griffiths, of Gwent LMC, said QOF was bean counting. ‘We need the bean counting. You can’t have quality if you don’t measure what you are doing,’ he said.   

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