Websites relating to type-2 diabetes

Dr Keith Barnard recommends various websites about type-2 diabetes

Website of the week
Getting the best from the internet is all about images, and there is no shortage of them here.

This page contains 27 different retinal photographs showing various diabetic retinopathy-related problems. There is no clinical detail about management but as the way this complication is diagnosed is to look in the eye, there is no substitute for familiarising yourself as much as possible with the variations that you might see. These are good — quality pictures and each thumbnail can be enlarged to see all the details.

Why go there: make sure you know what to look for.
Downside: no clinical information.
Information from: Success in MRCOphth.
Address: Click here

I thought a good place to start looking at guidelines for GPs on type-2 diabetes that are concerned with the general management would be the RCGP.

I was wrong. They have published guidelines on the internet, but they are 235 pages long.

Go to the East London Summary Guidelines for a quick summary — the first 16 pages are just what a busy GP needs to know. The remaining 12 pages are still useful, but only if you live in East London, as they provide specific details of provision in this area.

Why go there: not like reading War and Peace.
Downside: none.
Information from: Department of General Practice and Primary Care, Barts.
Address: Click here

Managing retinopathy
NICE guidelines sometimes baffle me in their presentation. In this PDF, the first page
is completely blank, so you could be forgiven for thinking that you had arrived at the wrong place.

I would say that there is only one page that GPs will find really useful, and it is page 14.

Here you will find an excellent algorithm for the early management of retinopathy in type-2 diabetes — just the sort of stuff GPs are interested in. In fact, I think it is essential reading, even if the rest of it is not.

Combine this with the images on the website of the week, and you can’t go wrong.

Why go there: just for page 14.
Downside: too much wasted space.
Information from: NICE.

Patient information
The first thing that drew my attention on this site was ‘Diabetes UK yn croesawu Cymru ddi-fwg’ This means, to those of us who do not speak Welsh, ‘Diabetes UK welcomes smoke-free Wales.’

There is a whole Welsh section on smoking, and I could not help wondering why the English version has a picture of Ryan Giggs and the Welsh one an attractive actress.

But I really liked this site, it has a clean, open look, plenty of bright illustrations and is well-written.

It has everything a patient could want to know, and more — I especially liked the ‘Myths’ section, answering excellent questions such as ‘Is type-2 diabetes mild diabetes?’ and many more. 

Why go there: as good as it gets for diabetic patients.
Downside: cannot fault it.
Information from: Diabetes UK.
Address: www.diabetes.

Can this be true?
This site starts off by guaranteeing that patients with diabetes can reduce their blood sugar level with the advertised product by 50 points in 30 days.

This is a UK site so they should be using mmol/l. So a fall of 50 points would certainly be quite remarkable and incompatible with life as we know it.

Diamaxol is claimed to be scientifically proven to be 99 per cent effective in type-2 diabetes, and 64 per cent effective in type-1. You do not even have to take it forever. Once you have taken a ‘full programme’ you can stop.

Take a look — it looks so convincing, it is worrying.

Why go there: to see how convinced you feel.
Downside: might make people think they do not need real treatment.
Information from: NutraCura Health
Address: www.nutracura. php?gclid=CK UzL_cuIsCFSR6EAodkxcIxA

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