Viewpoint: Why I'm Choosing General Practice: Steph Collins

GPs are soon to retire, The working life is dire, Money and resources on the wire, Less doctors than we can hire.

Steph Collins: 'It's more than just the patient you treat.'
Steph Collins: 'It's more than just the patient you treat.'

So why junior doctor become a GP? Well that’s easy and I hope to help you see, If the NHS is the lock, then the GP holds the key, Because a family doctor becomes part of family history.

They see the struggles and woe, Each high and each low, Charts the new born child grow, Watches life in its ebb and flow, Witnesses death, the final throe.

Not to meddle but to chart, Looking to guide a healthy start, Trying safely to practice the art, Of treating lung and heart, Whilst seeing more than each part.

You could say a privileged position, But you must hold some vision, To work with true ambition, In this current climate of derision.

Ignore the negative throng, Yes, the hours can be long, Yes, sometimes things go wrong, Inside you aren’t always strong.

But rising above the media pollution, Allows some intellectual redistribution, Witness the positive contribution, Good healthcare equals the GP solution . . .

Step one - achieve sustainability, Throw in some clinical creativity, Oh hello, business and financial ability, Think forward with innovative strategy.

Consider the clinical commissioning group, CPD reading – closes the reval loop, Ending the day with the latest QOF scoop, Allow all weekend to recoup, See, It’s more than just the patient you treat, It’s achieving the intellectual and business feat, It’s being counted, taking your seat, And riding along with the GP beat.

So, it’s a GP life for me., Just get me there speedily, Because I know I can be part of the key, To a better future for we.

….we the collective GP, the patient and the family.

  • Steph is a GP ST1 in Kirkby, Merseyside

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