Video: GP confronts Lansley on hospital visit about 'rubbish' Health Bill

A retired east London GP confronted health secretary Andrew Lansley on a hospital visit telling him his Health Bill is 'rubbish' and 'nobody understands it'.

Lansley (far right) making a quick get away
Lansley (far right) making a quick get away

Dr Ron Singer, the president of the Medical Practitioners' Union shouted at Mr Lansley together with other protesters in the corridor of the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, north London.

Dr Singer said he asked Mr Lansley when he arrived at the hospital on a visit to the cardiology and physiology unit, if he could speak to him, and he was ‘brushed aside like he was vermin’ by the health secretary’s entourage, so he decided to confront him in the corridor after the visit.


The 48-second video shows him shouting at Mr Lansley: ‘I am a doctor of 30 years Mr Lansley, explain to me how this is going to make patients better because nobody understands your Bill. It has got 1,000 amendments because it was so poorly drafted. And now people are making amendments today because the Bill is rubbish and you know it and you have given Mr Cameron one big headache.’

Protesters including one bearing a sign which reads: ‘Stop the Codswallop’ were marched off the premises by security guards after the confrontation.

After the protest, Dr Singer said he advocates direct action adding: ‘The MPs have let us down, the Lords have let us down and democracy has let us down regarding the Bill so now we have to take to the streets.

‘Mr Lansley is making us all feel uncomfortable with the Bill and I hope I made him feel uncomfortable because what he is doing is undemocratic.’

A DH spokesperson said: 'The NHS is a matter for passionate debate. Ministers are used to meeting protesters on their travels and take that in their stride.'

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