Unistik 3 delivers near pain free blood sampling

Owen Mumford's single use disposable capillary blood lancet now available on prescription.

Owen Mumford, the medical device company, has today announced that its single use disposable capillary blood lancet, Unistik 3, will be available on prescription from 1 March.

Unistik 3 is easy to use, safe and unique because of its patented Comfort Zone Technology – a series of eight raised dots that when pressed against the skin on the finger sends a message of ‘comfort’ to the brain masking the feeling of pain caused by the penetrating lancet.

Adam Mumford, Managing Director, Owen Mumford said: “Unistik is already used in over 70% of NHS trusts, in many pharmacies for diabetes and cholesterol screening, and in nursing homes.  We are very excited to be able to offer Unistik 3 directly to patients via prescription from their GP.”

The design of Unistik 3 ensures patients use a fresh lancet every time they take a blood sample reducing the risk of possible cross infection.  The pre-loaded lancet remains hidden from view, penetrating the skin to precisely the right depth when fired before automatically retracting, eliminating the risk of needle stick injuries.  It is also very easy to teach patients to use.

To use, simply twist off a protective cap, place the Comfort Zone platform against the finger and press the release button.  The needle automatically retracts making for safe disposal. A fresh lancet is used for each new test.

“Patients with diabetes or other conditions that require regular self-testing will benefit from the ease-of-use, convenience, comfort and safety offered by Unistik 3,” adds Adam Mumford.  “It is well suited for use at home or at work, at school, when exercising, travelling or on holiday.”

Dr David Edwards, a GP at the White House Surgery in Chipping Norton adds: “Whilst at first glance Unistik 3 may not appear to be much, it is making the lives of those who need to take regular blood samples much easier and more comfortable.

“Unistik 3 is very easy to use with little or no patient training needed.  The needle remains hidden from view at all times eliminating needle stick injuries and possible cross infection through repeated use.  My patients also report that the Comfort Zone Technology really does work, with Unistik 3 appearing to be less painful.”

Deborah Hammond, a 36 year old Clinical Support Worker from Stoke on Trent was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just 26.  She is now Insulin dependent having to take injections four times every day. 

She said: “I have to check my blood sugar levels up to seven times per day.  Many of the needles I have used in the past have left serious bruising and were clumsy and difficult to use.  Unistik 3 is very different.   It is easy to use and the Comfort Zone really does work – even after the sixth or seventh time.”

Unistik 3’s Comfort Zone Technology works on ‘Gate Theory’ proposed by doctors Melzack and Wall in their book ‘The challenge of pain’ (Penguin, Harmondsworth 1982).  Stimuli to the brain are controlled through ‘gates’ in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.  When non-painful stimuli are sent to the brain a gate is opened to allow them through.  As one gate is opened, another is closed thus preventing painful stimuli being experienced.

Owen Mumford offers three variants of Unistik 3 on prescription – Comfort, Normal and Extra – suitable for all skin types and tests.  Unistik 3 can also be purchased directly from Owen Mumford.

For more information visit www.owenmumford.com or www.unistik3.com

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Images of Owen Mumford’s Unistik 3 are available on request.

Owen Mumford is a 50 year old independent healthcare company.  Its mission is to design, develop and manufacture small medical devices for hospital, primary and home healthcare.


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