Treating fissured fingers - Haelan has got it covered

Fissured fingers can be a painful and distressing condition.

Treatment is often difficult with conventional steroid creams and ointments. Haelan Tape – a protective, waterproof, self-adhesive tape impregnated with the moderately potent steroid, fludroxycortide, offers a simple solution.1

This simple technique can be demonstrated to the patient, who can then take responsibility for applying the tape themselves. This dressing technique can also be used for fissuring on toes.  Haelan Tape can also be used in fissuring on the hands, heels and soles and has been successfully used in other conditions such as eczema, keloid scars, overgranulation and chondrodermatitis.

1. From a roll of Haelan Tape (50 or 200cm), mark and cut a T-shape using the fissured finger as a guide for the width.

step 1

2. Place finger over cut tape.

step 2

3. Peel off the backing and pull over fingertip and nail.

step 3

4. Peel off the remaining backing and wrap round the finger.

step 4

5. Haelan Tape treats only the covered area.  The tape also protects the fissure preventing damage from external sources.

step 5

6. The dressing need only be changed once every 24 hours. Treatment should be continued until the fissure has healed.

step 6

Haelan:  Helping skin heal
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  • Online demo of application techniques available on the Typharm website at

1. Haelan Tape SmPC - Prescribing Information

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