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GP fear surge of avoidable illness as patients skip routine vaccinations in pandemic

GP dilemma: How should I deal with a patient requesting the hepatitis B vaccine?

Early diagnosis of Lyme disease

Zika cases in UK travellers triple in a month as 100 new cases confirmed


World Cup: travelling fans urged to protect their health (photo: iStock)

Travelling football fans urged to visit GP ahead of World Cup in Brazil

Football fans planning to visit Brazil for the FIFA World Cup have been urged to...

Immunisation: Long-stay and remote travel vaccinations

Dr Mike Townend advises on jabs for long trips or remote destinations.

Immunisation: What to recommend for travel vaccinations

Dr Mike Townend discusses the most important vaccinations including tetanus, poliomyelitis...


Malaria film showing P falciparum, the most virulent form

Clinical Review - Malaria

Latest guidance on diagnosis and management of malaria, advice to give to travellers...

Mosquito-borne disease warning for GPs

GPs warned of mosquito-borne disease surge

GPs have been warned of a surge in mosquito-borne diseases after a 12-fold increase...

GPs should disclose details about notifiable diseases, such as measles (Photograph: SPL)

Medico-Legal - Duty to notify specified diseases

The MDU's Dr Mike Devlin provides updated advice on how to deal with notifiable diseases.

Travel/sun safety

Tapeworm infestation in a returned traveller

Dr Ravi Ramanathan discusses a case of tapeworm infestation contracted by a patient...

Ulnar nerve impairment with clawing of the lateral fingers and small muscle wasting (Photo: Dr Mahreen Ameen)

Recognise and manage leprosy

The long-term complications of leprosy may be seen in the GP surgery. By dermatologist...

The larvae of cutaneous larva migrans roam haphazardly in the epidermis (Photograph: Author Image)

Case Study - Diagnosing an itchy rash

Growth in foreign travel means this condition is presenting more, say Dr John Carey...