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Postcoital bleeding - red flag symptoms

Fragmentation of sexual health services an 'insult' to women, says RCGP

Sexual health cuts 'driving up health inequalities and NHS costs', warns RCGP

DH advisers rethink decision to block HPV jabs for boys


Clinical review - The management of HIV

The role of rapid HIV tests, referring-newly diagnosed patients, useful baseline...

Young patients open to sexual health advice in GP consultations

GPs should offer chlamydia tests, contraceptive advice and condoms to patients aged...

NHS in England to trial HIV PrEP drug as Scotland funds routine access

Patients at high risk of contracting HIV will soon be able to access pre-exposure...


Urine sample (Photo: iStock)

Offer chlamydia checks to all under-25s, GPs told

GPs should offer chlamydia screening to any sexually active patient less than 25...

Clinical Review - Chlamydia

Diagnosing and managing this common STI in primary care. By GUM physicians Dr Sarah...

The opportunity for testing for chlamydia: young people come into the surgery for many reasons; any of these consultations can be used to offer the test (Photograph: Istock)

Making chlamydia screening a success

Chlamydia testing is accurate and patient-friendly, and GPs are well-placed to provide...


Gonorrhoea: GPs on alert over drug-resistant strain (Photo: iStock)

GPs on alert as experts declare outbreak of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea

GPs in northern England have been put on alert after Public Health England (PHE)...

Antimicrobial resistant gonorrhoea

The emergence of multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea and how management methods are being...

CT scan of cervical cancer (Photograph: SPL)

Red Flag Symptoms - Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge may be infective, non-infective or physiological, says Dr Pipin...


Irritation of the oral mucosa may be soothed by mouthwashes but oral antivirals will be required for severe symptoms (Photograph: SPL)

Herpes simplex virus

The aetiology, diagnosis and management of herpes simplex virus in primary care,...

Herpes zoster presents with a rash

At a Glance - Genital herpes zoster vs herpes simplex

Dr Jean Watkins discusses the differences between genital herpes zoster and herpes...


The basics - Herpes infections

Patients should understand the nature of this recurrent viral disease.


Colposcopy showing a lesion on the cervix caused by HPV (Photograph: SPL)

Clinical Review: Human papillomavirus

A clinical review of the transmission, prevention and management of human papillomavirus...

Verruca vulgaris are commonly seen on the knees (as above) (Photograph: SPL)

Cutaneous warts

The diagnosis of warts is usually straightforward but treatment can be difficult,...

Anogenital warts are mainly a cosmetic problem but can cause patients psychological distress (Photograph: SPL)

The basics - Management of genital warts

Diagnosis is clinical and based on visual examination.


HPV jabs could be extended to boys as DH advisors meet this week

Campaigners have urged the Joint Committee for Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI)...

GPs almost unanimously back HPV vaccination in boys, poll shows

Nearly all GPs (94%) would want their own sons vaccinated against HPV, a poll of...

HPV jab: decision on vaccination for boys unlikely before 2017 (Photo: Consolidated Scotland)

HPV vaccine for boys cannot be considered until 2017, says JCVI

HPV vaccination for boys will not be considered until the completion of a review...