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Persistent headache - Red flag symptoms

Dr Harry Brown explains how to distinguish the rare but possibly more significant...

Migraine may damage parts of the brain

Migraine 'permanently damages brain'

Migraine may cause long-lasting damage to the brain, according to research that challenges...

Blurred vision - Red flag symptoms

Anatomical and physiological conditions of the eye can cause blurring.

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Neuropathic pain

Clinical Review: Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain is a localized sensation of unpleasant discomfort caused by damage...

Central and peripheral neuropathic pain

Explain the progression and management of neuropathic pain to the patient, advises...

Chronic back pain: Identifying a neuropathic component

A focused neurological examination based on the history should help determine the...

Musculoskeletal pain

Musculoskeletal - Treating elbow tendinopathies

How GPs and physiotherapists can work together to manage elbow injuries. By Dr Eleanor...

Musculoskeletal: The 'get-up and go' test

Advice on assessing patients with poor mobility, instability and falls.

Case study - Recurrent tiredness and joint pains

A rheumatological diagnosis was made in this young woman, explains Dr Harry Brown.

Symptom management

Multidisciplinary management of sciatica

How a GP and physiotherapist can work together to treat back pain. By Dr Mareeni...

Complex regional pain syndrome

Pain control can be difficult to achieve in patients with this condition, explains...

Inflammation and erythema due to epididymo-orchitis (Photograph: SPL)

The basics - Scrotal swellings

Scrotal swellings can affect all age groups and can be caused by testicular and non-testicular...