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Person holding glasses while looking at a computer

Red flag symptoms: Blurred vision

Eye pain

Eye pain - red flag symptoms

Differential diagnoses - Conjunctivitis and iritis in pictures

Eye disorders: illustrated

Diagnostic and surgical

Female doctor consulting with patient Promoted

What to expect in your first year as a GP

Sponsored by MDU

Dr Kathryn Leask, medico-legal adviser at the Medical Defence Union (MDU), discusses...

Houses of Parliament

GP partnerships 'like collapsing Jenga stack' after Javid threat to nationalise practices

Sajid Javid's decision to back a report calling for the end of the GMS contract within...

£20 notes spread out

VAT trap for PCNs could strip millions of pounds from general practice

Tens of millions of pounds could be stripped from general practice because work carried...

Dry eye

Ms Venerus: 'Referrals for suspected glaucoma have improved and the CCG made £15,000 savings.'

Viewpoint: Eye services are more accessible than ever - but not for everyone

Changes to how eye health services are delivered across the country are making it...

Ms Venerus: 'The reforms are helping practitioners to provide innovative service.'

Viewpoint: Eye health innovation 100 days after the birth of CCGs

CCGs will be 100 days old on Tuesday (9 July), writes Katrina Venerus, a qualified...

Corneal abrasion: consider referral to an opthalmologist if corneal damage is suspected (Photograph: SPL)

Management of dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common condition in older adults. By Dr Mohammed Uzair Malik...

Eye infections

Differential diagnoses: Eye problems

Dr Nigel Stollery compares the presenting features of four eye conditions.

Clinical images: Conditions affecting the eye

Dr Nigel Stollery explains the differences in characteristic features of diseases...

Pictorial case study - Red eye with unaffected vision

Assessing subconjunctival haemorrhage. By Dr Jean Watkins

Eye inflammation

The patient had a small swelling on the nasal aspect of her left eye (Photograph: SPL)

Pictorial case study: Swelling on the eye

The case: A 69-year-old woman presented to the surgery as several members of her...

Stye (hordeolum) on patient's upper eyelid (Photograph: SPL)

Clinical Solutions: Stye

THE CASE:A middle-aged woman presents with a localised, painful eyelid swelling....

Swab conjunctiva for immediate Gram staining, immunofluorescent staining, culture and sensitivity and viral PCR (Photograph: SPL)

Paediatric medicine - Eye infections in children

Presentation of conjunctivitis varies according to the age of the child, explains...


Glaucoma:  The guide identifies why commissioners might look to redesign eye care services: Istock

Guide helps commissioners understand how they can develop better eye services

A document to help commissioners understand how they can develop more efficient eye...

Glaucoma represents a large proportion of the £2bn a year NHS budget for vision services (Photo: iStock)

Glaucoma generics 'could save NHS millions'

GPs have been urged to prescribe a generic glaucoma drug as first-line treatment...

Eye drops can alleviate symptoms (Photograph: SPL)

CKS Clinical solutions - Open-angle glaucoma

The case A 65-year-old woman has chronic open-angle glaucoma, which is currently...

Red eyes

Pictorial case study - Red mucinous papules

Blood test and biopsy confirmed the diagnosis, writes Dr Jean Watkins.

Clinical pictures: Eye problems

A variety of conditions affecting the eyes, described by Dr Philip Marazzi.

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