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How to discuss weight loss with patients and provide ongoing support

GPs should co-ordinate advice to prevent child obesity, MPs say

Obesity - the single biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking

Patients 'welcome' weight loss interventions from their GP, study shows

Medical treatments

Obesity complicates case of osteoarthritis

An elderly patient with increasing hip and knee pain was unsuitable for surgery,...

Bariatric surgery

Obesity: NHS Constitution guarantee on access to surgery ignored

Exclusive: Obese patients denied surgery by NHS rationing

NHS England is imposing restrictions to bariatric surgery that go beyond NICE guidance,...

Bariatric surgery: cuts long-term health risk (Photo: Science Photo Library)

Bariatric surgery cuts long-term mortality risk in middle-aged patients

Obese patients who undergo bariatric surgery have a 53% lower risk of dying from...

Obesity: clinical review

How to classify obesity, and when and how to initiate further treatment, such as...