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GP in consultation with a young female patient

Treating eating disorders – medico-legal considerations

NICE issues new guidance on faltering growth in children

Clinical review: Eating disorders

GP dilemma: Child malnutrition

Latest nutrition articles

Weight faltering and failure to thrive

Advice on helping parents to manage feeding difficulties, excluding medical problems...

Vitamin D deficiency

Around 50% of adults have low vitamin D levels. Dr Louise R Newson discusses investigation...

Peanuts: GPs urged to check for allergy (Photo: iStock)

GPs urged to test children with asthma for peanut allergy

GPs should test asthmatic children with persistent symptoms for peanut sensitivity,...

Food allergies and intolerances

Food allergy can cause eczema (above), asthma and rhinitis (Photograph: SPL)

Childhood food allergy - paediatric medicine

Many children outgrow allergies by school age, while studies have shown that breastfeeding...

Urticaria: contact with an allergen can provoke sudden release of preformed inflammatory mediators (SPL)

Patients at risk of anaphylaxis

Patients with severe allergies need well-considered long-term management, writes...

Angioedema is defined as submucosal swelling and can affect the face

Case Study - Unexplained facial swelling

A young woman experienced frequent throat infections and trigeminal symptoms.

Inborn errors of metabolism

Rare diseases - Kearns-Sayre syndrome

The presentation of Kearns-Sayre syndrome, explained by Dr Keith Barnard

Infant feeding

Congenital screening for newborns and infants

Dr David Elliman discusses the role of NIPE in the early diagnosis of congenital...

The six-to-eight week check could be the first time a heart murmur is heard (Photograph: SPL)

The six-to-eight week baby check

Examinations should be performed by a trained and competent healthcare professional....

Red flag sign: always document a high level of parental concern (Photograph: Haymarket Medical/J H Lancy)

Case study - Parental concern for a crying baby

A face-to-face consultation was key, says Dr Ayakannu Kandiah.

Modular supplements

Vitamin D supplements: balanced diet alone may be insufficient (photo: Science Photo Library)

GPs urged to increase vitamin D supplement prescribing

GPs should offer vitamin D supplements at 'every available opportunity' to address...

Studies failed to show glucosamine improved pain in osteoarthritis (Photograph: SPL)

Viewpoint - Role of supplements in joint health

Should GPs consider supplements for patients with musculoskeletal symptoms? By Dr...

Osteoarthritis of the knee: studies failed to show any marked reduction in pain in patients taking glucosamine

Viewpoint: The role of supplements in joint health

Should GPs consider 'joint health' supplements for patients with musculoskeletal...