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Arrhythmias - red flag symptoms

Chest pain - red flag symptoms

Viewpoint: How GPs can support patients after a stroke

Red flag symptoms: Numbness

Atrial fibrilation

Medical centre sign

One in three GP practices in Northern Ireland faced serious closure risk in past 18 months

One in three GP practices in Northern Ireland have faced a serious risk of closure...

BMA sign

BMA warns Treasury 'many practices' will close without emergency financial support

GP leaders have urged the Treasury to agree emergency funding to support general...


Practices can use £172m PCN cash to support staff pay rises, GP leaders say

Practices can use their share of £172m from the 2023/24 investment and impact fund...

GP typing at computer

EMIS apologises for 'human error' that caused major GP IT system crash

EMIS has apologised to GP practices hit by a major system failure that left them...

GP consultation

GP practices delivering 10% more appointments per day compared with 2019

GP practices in England delivered 10% more appointments per working day in the first...

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Major IT system outage heaps pressure on GPs over bank holiday

A major IT system failure that left GPs across England unable to access patient records...

Transient ischemic attack 

Journals watch: TIA, carpal tunnel syndrome and anaemia

Too busy to read all of the journals? Dr Lizzie Croton selects papers of interest...

Clinical Review - Transient ischaemic attack

How to assess, diagnose and manage TIA in primary care. By Dr Sam Qureshi, Dr Angela...

Significant carotid stenosis should be treated with endarterectomy (Photograph: SPL)

Identifying and managing TIA

There are four key questions to ascertain if a patient's symptoms indicate a TIA.

Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)

Stroke: coloured PET scan of a stroke patient's brain (Photo: Science Photo Library)

Stroke risk doubled in patients with depression, GPs warned

GPs should monitor stroke risk in patients with recurring depression even if they...

Viewpoint: Statins in ischaemic stroke prevention

Professor Peter Sever and Professor Neil Poulter discuss the role of statins in stroke...

Clinical Review: Stroke - epidemiology, diagnosis and management

Stroke is a common, serious and treatable condition. In the past 20 years, there...