Allergic disorders

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Hayfever: clinical review

Managing cows' milk allergy in primary care

Food allergy in infants, NSAIDs and Bell's palsy: journals update November 2016

Allergic rhinitis: diagnosis and management

Latest allergic disorder articles

Childhood food allergy and intolerance

Symptoms and signs of food allergy, when to consider excluding foods from a child's...


Illustrated: allergy and immunology

Eight cases of allergic or immune reaction.

Patients should be trained in the use of adrenaline autoinjectors (Photograph: SPL)

Managing anaphylaxis during an emergency

Distinguishing between an allergic reaction and anaphylaxis, identifying the underlying...

Hayfever: surge in cases visiting GP practices (photo: Jason Heath Lancy)

Hayfever patients inundate GP practices across England and Wales

More than twice as many patients with symptoms of hayfever have visited GP practices...

How to manage severe allergies in primary care

Dr Joanne Walsh discusses the role of GPs in managing anaphylaxis.

Case study: Hayfever in an adolescent

Dr Ravi Ramanathan discusses hayfever in an adolescent with a family history of atopy.

Clinical images - Diagnosing a blistering rash

Use these pictures to differentiate shingles, pemphigus, pemphigoid and insect bite...

Pictorial case study - A reaction to penicillin

Dr Jean Watkins describes the management of an itchy rash in a patient taking penicillin.

Allergic rhinitis is characterised by sneezing and itching (Photograph: JH Lancy)

Managing allergic rhinitis

How to treat seasonal exacerbations in primary care. By Dr Suneeta Kochhar

Erysipelas frequently presents on the face. The infection is often caused by Streptococcus pyogenes (Photograph: SPL)

Clinical Review - Cellulitis and erysipelas

Contributed by Dr James Powell, specialist registrar in dermatology, Solihull Hospital,...

Urticaria presents as weals with erythema (Photograph: SPL)


The first, most important investigation is to take a detailed history, says Dr Harry...

Food allergy can cause eczema (above), asthma and rhinitis (Photograph: SPL)

Childhood food allergy - paediatric medicine

Many children outgrow allergies by school age, while studies have shown that breastfeeding...