Teva UK Limited to discontinue all strengths of Beclazone(TM) (beclometasone dipropionate) pMDI's

All strengths of Beclazone pMDI (50, 100, 200, and 250mcg) are being discontinued on 31st March 2010 by Teva UK Limited, as part of the worldwide programme to phase out all CFC-containing inhalers by the end of 2010

As a result, all patients currently being treated with this product will need to be transferred to an alternative CFC-free inhaler

Teva's CFC-free alternative Qvar® (CFC-free beclometasone dipropionate) is unaffected by the discontinuation of Beclazone pMDI and may offer a suitable alternative for appropriate patients*

Why choose Qvar?

  • Qvar has a smaller particle size and improved lung deposition compared to other widely prescribed inhaled corticosteroids1-9
  • Qvar vs CFC containing beclometasone i.e. Beclazone, provides clinically important improvements in asthma specific quality of life at 12 months10†
  • Qvar is available in the pMDI as well as the breath actuated inhalers AutohalerTM11 and Easi-Breathe®12, for those patients who are unable to co-ordinate device actuation and inhalation with the pMDI

This may be an appropriate time for you to review your Beclazone pMDI patients too, as a recent study has shown that up to 86% of patients are unable to use their pMDI effectively13

For patients who are unable to use a pMDI effectively, a spacing device is usually required which is an additional cost.  As Qvar Easi-Breathe is breath actuated and does not require a spacing device, choosing this product (at 400mcg beclometasone or equivalent) may provide you with cost savings14,15 when looking at the most widely prescribed16 CFC-free alternatives in the market*

Costs per patient per year, based on 400mcg beclometasone dipropionate or equivalent**14,15,16

‡ CFC-free beclometasone dipropionate
§ Budesonide
¶ Fluticasone
V = Volumatic®
A = Aerochamber®

We hope that this provides you with sufficient opportunity to manage this transition.  Our Healthcare Development Managers are available to meet with you should you require any further information.  Please contact Paula Brown at to organise an appointment

*  Licensed for adults, including the elderly.  To date, there is no data in children under 12 years, hence no dosage recommendation can be made.  Qvar is prescribed at half the dose of beclometasone in well controlled patients1,11,12

** Calculations based on a symptomatic asthma patient taking 400mcg beclometasone or equivalent.  Annual costs per patient calculations are based on widely prescribed pMDIs and spacers, widely prescribed dry powder inhalers, widely prescribed pressurised breath actuated inhalers, taking a dose of two puffs b.d.  Two spacers were calculated to be needed annually for pMDIs14,15,16

†Adapted from Juniper et al. 1999 (A 12-week, parallel-group, multicentre study of 347 adults with moderate asthma) and Juniper et al. 2002 (A 12-month open-label, randomised parallel-group, 57-centre study of 473 stable asthma patients).  No statistically significant difference in either study at less than 12 months10

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QV/10/027-A, date of preparation March 2010

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This is a promotional feature article that has been produced by Teva UK Limited.

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