Test your knowledge on multiple myeloma

Read our haematology article on multiple myeloma then answer these three questions to check your understanding. You may want to document your answers and any learning points to save in your CPD Organiser along with the article.

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Test your knowledge on multiple myeloma
Question 1

What are the presenting signs and symptoms of myeloma?

Presenting signs and symptoms are often non-specific such as weakness and fatigue; one of the most common presenting symptoms is bone pain, especially back pain. There may be also be signs of bone marrow insufficiency such as anaemia, infection or easy bruising and bleeding such as petechiae.
Question 2
What processes can contribute to renal impairment in myeloma patients?
Light chain toxicity, dehydration/hypercalcaemia, NSAID use.
Question 3

What is the outlook for myeloma patients in 2011?


Effective combinations of chemotherapy, steroids and novel agents given orally or intravenously have led to an improvement in the median survival of patients from 3 years to 5 or 6 years, with an increasing number of patients surviving for 10 years or more. This makes an early diagnosis even more imperative, in order to safeguard the skeleton and maintain a good quality of life.

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