Summer heat brings out Dust Mite!

As another scorcher of a summer is predicted, allergy sufferers can find the side effects and consequences deeply unpleasant.

As another scorcher of a summer is predicted, allergy sufferers can find the side effects and consequences deeply unpleasant. During this time of the year most people focus upon outdoor allergies such as hayfever but it can also be an extremely difficult time for those who suffer indoor allergies from dust mites who thrive on the rising temperatures in our homes.

Due to the increased temperatures during spring and summer our homes are now becoming a breeding ground for house dust mites, who thrive in warm and humid conditions. The dust mites themselves do not cause reactions; it is actually their droppings and secretions that cause allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, a runny nose & skin irritations. Our beds provide the ideal environment; with a supply of our shed skin cells (their food source), water from our sweat, expired breath and warmth. 

The recently introduced Aller Dust Mite Controller has been launched to combat dust mites. Backed by clinical and scientific research the DMC has been developed in Europe to tackle the growing problem of asthma and other respiratory allergies for which dust mites are the main responsible agents.

Dust mites are present all year round causing constant allergy symptoms including:



ConjunctivitisRed/watery eyesSnoring
Hay feverBlocked nose/Sinus painWheezing or tight chest
Eczema and other forms of itchy skinExcessive sneezing especially in the morningCoughing especially at night

Roger Bratton, Director at Tower Health believes that people shouldn't forget about the hidden dangers of dust mites during the warm summer months, "Dust Mites can thrive in our homes during the summer months; increased rises in summer temperatures mean that they are able to breed and multiply in huge numbers. The Aller Dust Mite Controller has been clinically proven to slow down their reproductive system thus significantly reducing the number of dust mites in our homes."

The traditional way to reduce dust mites has been through hours and hours of hard work - every week. This can involve vacuuming, cleaning, washing and scrubbing which apart from being tedious, time-consuming and dull, still inevitably leaves the microscopic mite to thrive, so deep are they buried within carpets, bedding, mattresses and furniture etc.

The DMC couldn't involve less hard work! Simply plug it in and it does everything for you. The DMC is unique in the way it works and its efficacy is strongly supported by clinical and scientific evidence*. The device emits a range of ultrasonic sounds (not heard by humans or pets) when plugged in. These sounds interfere with the feeding and reproductive cycles of the dust mite, reducing the population of the dust mite and the allergens produced (faecal matter).

The Dust Mite Controller is a non toxic device, without any use of chemical substances. Priced at £49.95, the Dust Mite Controller is available from or by calling 08450 066 077.

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