Stuck between juggling practice and looking after your patients?

Practitioners can now focus on treating their patients thanks to IdealReceptionist

Practitioners can now focus on treating their patients thanks to IdealReceptionist

LONDON, May 3rd 2007: Thanks to modern technology, investing in a full time receptionist is no longer the only alternative to juggling customer enquiries between appointments.  IdealReceptionist has now gone a step further to offer not only a virtual receptionist service - which provides all the benefits of a full time receptionist at a fraction of the cost - but also a fully integrated practice management system that automates and simplifies everyday business tasks for practitioners.

"Customer service and business management have long been an issue for health practitioners," comments James Butler of Painless Practice.  "On the whole they don't have a business background and they're very focused on looking after their patients - which after all is what they've been trained to do and what they do best.  I would definitely advocate services like IdealReceptionist which allow practitioners to focus on their core skills while ensuring their practice is managed as professionally as possible so that it can develop and grow."

This innovative service links sophisticated database driven practice management software with outsourced and highly professional receptionists.  By teaming up with TM2, the leading practice management software provider, IdealReceptionist can now simplify all the processes involved in running a practice so that practitioners can focus on treating their patients and giving them the attention they deserve.  While incoming enquiries and appointments are managed by specially trained staff, everyday tasks - such as maintaining patient records, invoicing, making insurance claims and managing accounts - are all automated.  

Clinical notes can also be inputted very easily, minimizing paperwork and enabling practitioners to share information on patients with their colleagues if necessary.  Furthermore, it can be accessed from anywhere via a central server - enabling practitioners to check their diary or look up patient records on the move via a laptop or wireless device such as a Blackberry.

"Having set up my own osteopathic practice, I soon found it a real strain having to deal with messages and manage the business in the brief periods I had free in the day," comments Leo Meyer, founder of IdealReceptionist and practicing oesteopath.  "By offering the first fully integrated virtual receptionist and practice management service we can take away the strain of juggling the practice with the patients.  This helps enormously in improving the overall service so that patients are more likely to make referrals.  Practitioners must recognise that this technology is the future and will give them competitive edge."

The traditional customer service conundrum has been whether to interrupt a patient's appointment to answer the telephone or ignore an urgent enquiry from someone in distress - neither of which are favourable outcomes.  IdealReceptionist answers calls in the practice's name and places appointments into an online diary.  Cancellations are also effectively managed, reducing no-shows and maximising practice productivity.  Practitioners can then view their diary and update it with their ongoing availability for patients.  They can update patient records and treatment history or print off corresponding invoices and health insurance claims to help improve cash-flow.  In addition, practitioners can very easily run off financial reports and practice audits to help manage the business more effectively and, for example, implement effective marketing campaigns.

There are also plenty of benefits for the customer - as well as having their calls answered promptly they receive appointment reminders via telephone, email or text message.  They also receive practice information, such as directions, prior to their first appointment as well as practitioner information upon request.

"IdealReceptionist is so professional and consistently goes beyond my expectations, even going as far as organising a hotel for a visiting patient that I referred," comments Irene Philips of The Back Care Clinic, an osteopathy practice.  "It is a really cost effective solution and saves me time and worry.  I can switch off and relax if I take the day off and come back to a diary full of appointments!  I'm very much looking forward to upgrading to the full practice management package."

Prices start at £75 per month with a one-off set-up fee of £60.  Other services provided by IdealReceptionist include database build and management, website creation and marketing services.

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