Asthma is a very common condition that causes coughing, wheezing, tightness of the chest and breathlessness in about 1.1 million children, which is 1 in every 10. It is an increasingly common condition in our school classrooms and left untreated it can cause permanent damage to the airways.

The exact cause of childhood asthma isn't fully understood at present, sometimes the symptoms flare up for no obvious reason. However it is widely believed that the dust mite plays a contributing role. This is largely due to aspects of our modern life, including central heating and double glazed houses, which make ideal breeding grounds for house dust mites.

To combat the effects of childhood asthma caused by Dust Mite Allergy, the Dust Mite Controller (DMC) has been launched. Backed by clinical and scientific research the DMC has been developed in Europe to tackle the growing problem of asthma and other respiratory allergies.

A USA study in 2001 showed that avoiding allergen exposure in infancy reduces the risk of developing of asthma.  Alarming figures show that currently 1 in 3 children are in some way allergic to dust mite allergens that could be the trigger for infantile eczema and asthma.

Commenting upon the new DMC for asthma Roger Bratton, a Director at Tower Health said, "Dust mites can have a devastating effect upon the lives of young children. They are present in the home and in school which can result in an asthma attack at any time. The DMC has been proven to significantly reduce the number of Dust Mites and thus the likelihood of an asthma attack."

Dust mites are present all year round causing constant allergy symptoms including:





Red/watery eyes


Hay fever

Blocked nose/Sinus pain

Wheezing or tight chest

Eczema and other forms

of itchy skin

Excessive sneezing

especially in the morning

Coughing especially

at night

The traditional way to reduce the dust mite has been through hours and hours of hard work - every week. This can involve vacuuming, cleaning, washing and scrubbing which apart from being tedious, time-consuming and dull, still inevitably leaves the microscopic mite to thrive, so deep are they buried within carpets, bedding, mattresses and furniture etc.

The DMC couldn't involve less hard work! Simply plug it in and it does everything for you. The DMC is unique in the way it works and its efficacy is strongly supported by clinical and scientific evidence*. The device emits a range of ultrasonic sounds (not heard by humans or pets) when plugged in. These sounds interfere with the feeding and reproductive cycles of the dust mite, reducing the population of the dust mite and the allergens produced (faecal matter).

The Dust Mite Controller is a non toxic device, without any use of chemical substances. Priced at £49.95, the Dust Mite Controller is available from or by calling 08450 066 077.

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