Risk of chronic bronchitis greater in regular snorers

Frequent snorers are up to 68 per cent more likely to develop chronic bronchitis than people who do not snore, Korean research suggests.

For the study, 4,270 participants provided information on medical conditions, family disease history, alcohol intake, levels of physical activity, as well as details on how often they snored.

Over six years, participants were interviewed about these factors at two-year intervals.

During the follow-up, 314 participants developed chronic bronchitis.

After adjusting for risk factors, those who snored five times a week or less were found to be 25 per cent more likely to have developed chronic bronchitis than non-snorers.

However, heavy snorers who snored six to seven times per week were 68 per cent more likely to develop bronchitis.

The association was strongest in those who had never smoked, who worked in the home and who were obese.

But the underlying mechanisms to explain this link remain unknown say the researchers.


Arch Intern Med 2008; 168:167-73, live links at www.healthcarerepublic.com.

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