A registrar writes ... spring is in the air

So February is over and finally spring is here, and I have been looking forward to longer days and sunshine for quite some time.

If you started the registrar year in August, by now you might have felt that there has been just enough time to settle in, feel cosy, remember the receptionists' names and develop your own following of delightful patients.

But then the College hits you with forms that have to be filled in, your appointments suddenly become shorter, and your study group stops being the nice people you go to the pub with and become excitable adults who want to buy the latest MRCGP study guides.

For other than the most efficient, motivated, happy and confident GP registrars among you, there is bound to come a point when everything seems a bit overwhelming.

You may feel that you would rather spend a day on an endless ward round, writing down verbatim what the hospital consultant has said, rather than independently deal with another patient, face risk head on, quell the anger in some patients and listen to the sadness of others.

As a full-time registrar, you will probably be spending more time in your unventilated office staring at EMIS than anybody else, so it is no wonder your brain has gone into hibernation.

But there are many things that can relieve the tension, and my personal favourite at the moment is attending a course.

This approach seems to be the best way to overcome my ongoing winter blues, and I have seen a lot of like-minded souls on the college circuit. Of course, there is the learning and interacting and having fun, although I still remain sceptical about the amount of fun that can be had by cajoling us all to do role play.

If money is no object, you can take your pick. Why not book a holiday or, better still, go part-time and delay the exam?

- The author is a GP registrar in London.

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