2 The General Practice Consultation

This section of our curriculum guide refers to statement 2, The General Practice Consultation, produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

The patient consultation is at the core of general practice. You need to understand the wider context of the meeting, recognise the importance of the individual GP’s style and skills, and demonstrate an ethical and reflective attitude to patient-centred care.

Good communication is essential to the establishment of open and honest relationships with patients, and in the development of the doctor-patient partnership.

Here we have collated key articles from our journals to help you meet the curriculum requirements in this area.

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Female GP in a patient consultation

GP training: Conducting an effective consultation in 12 minutes

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Using consultation models will help you to achieve the best outcomes for your patients

Consultation models in practice

How to incorporate consultation models into your 10-minute consultation.

Consultation skills - Staying calm with angry patients

Professionally placating an angry patient can have benefits for both GP and patient....

Monitor patients for symptoms of depression such as persistently low mood and fatigue (Photograph: J Varney)

Consultation skills: Consulting with the bereaved patient

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A patient-centric approach to consent

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When dealing with a two-person consultation, it is important to establish the agendas of both parties (Photograph: iStock)

CSA troubleshooting: 5 - Consultations with more than one person

Third-party consultations are a problem area for some CSA candidates.

Telephone consultations: Advice for GPs

Are telephone consultations a safe alternative to face-to-face consultations? Alan...

How to write a focused PDP

Producing a good PDP will help with your appraisal, advises Professor Rodger Charlton.

Be assertive but do not lecture or bulldoze patients

Consulting Crimes - Management planning

In 15 years as a trainer and RCGP examiner, Bromley GP Dr James Heathcote has watched...