4.2 Information Management and Technology

This section of our curriculum guide refers to statement 4.2, Information Management and Technology, produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

General practice is increasingly dependent on the electronic storage and communication of patient records, requiring GPs to be competent across a range of IT skills. They need to develop knowledge of the benefits for their practices and patients, as well as an understanding of the potential pitfalls, in order to perform effectively in the modern healthcare environment.

Here we have collated key articles from our journals to help you meet the curriculum requirements in this area.

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Latest articles

App review: Figure 1 Medical Images

Use this free app to share your medical images. Review by Dr Suneeta Kochhar.

Interview: GPs face a digital health revolution

As the NHS embraces self-care, telehealth pioneer Dr Maurice Smith tells Stephen...

Medico-legal: The issue of confidentiality when emailing patients

Dr Anthea Martin of the MDDUS advises on medico-legal matters concerning emailing...

Medico-legal - Digital innovation in healthcare

MPS medico-legal adviser Dr Pallavi Bradshaw examines the impact of advancing technology.

Medico-legal - Sharing medical images

MDU medico-legal adviser Dr Carol Chu examines the pitfalls of sharing clinical images.

How GPs should use social media

Viewpoints from GPs Dr Raj Thakkar and Dr Shoba Poduval

Give special consideration to recordings that will be made public (Photograph: SPL)

When can you make audiovisual recordings of patients?

MPS adviser Dr Marika Davies explains how to avoid the medico-legal pitfalls of making...

ePFIP can be a great tool for personal refection on prescribing habits or auditing the whole practice

Monitor your prescribing

Reflecting on personal prescribing habits is a useful learning exercise for appraisal,...

GPs a risk to patient data security, says NHS chief

GPs cannot be trusted to hold patient data securely, the chief executive of the NHS...

GPs judged on their data skills

The GMC could soon take into account a doctor's willingness to collect data during...

MIMS, updated monthly, summarises key trials and guidelines and is an essential education resource for GPs during their registrar year

Use MIMS as an educational tool

Consistent learning throughout the GP registrar year is the key to success, says...