3.1 Clinical Governance

This section of our curriculum guide refers to statement 3.1, Clinical Governance, produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

All doctors need to understand the principles of clinical governance and use them in their professional practice. GPs and their practices are integral parts of a network of healthcare organisations, and ensuring the quality of patient care requires effective clinical leadership, teamwork and clinical audit.

GPs are more accountable than ever before. They are expected to place the needs of patients before their own interests, while at the same time identifying and responding to poor practice around them.

Here we have collated key articles from our journals to help you meet the curriculum requirements in this area.

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Harold Shipman would be caught in today's NHS, says Sir Keith Pearson

Serial killer GP Harold Shipman would have been caught by the governance mechanisms...

GPs should disclose details about notifiable diseases, such as measles (Photograph: SPL)

Medico-Legal - Duty to notify specified diseases

The MDU's Dr Mike Devlin provides updated advice on how to deal with notifiable diseases.

It is important to give the patient a full account of the investigation and outcomes, along with lessons learned for future practice

Practice dilemma - A high PSA result is missed

The dilemma: An elderly patient comes to see you in clinic for back pain and worsening...

ePFIP can be a great tool for personal refection on prescribing habits or auditing the whole practice

Monitor your prescribing

Reflecting on personal prescribing habits is a useful learning exercise for appraisal,...

Preparing for revalidation as a locum

Dr Linda Miller offers some tips on how to collate evidence for revalidation as a...

The GMC expects doctors to help out in an emergency but it is important to be aware of the ethical and legal issues attached

Medico-legal - Providing care as a Good Samaritan

GPs should consider their legal and ethical position when providing care outside...

Professional development - How to prepare for an appraisal

Minimise the stress and maximise the benefits of your annual appraisal, writes Dr...

Medico-legal - The importance of good records

Keeping good records can seem a chore, but is necessary, says medico-legal adviser...

Photograph: JH Lancy

Viewpoint - How useful are clinical guidelines?

Dr Tim Stokes and Professor Peter Littlejohns of NICE argue the case with GPSI Dr...

Revalidation - Robust clinical governance is key

It is time to put your practice through a rigorous rules review, advises Professor...

Health inequality 'unacceptable'

The health gap between the most affluent and deprived areas in England remains 'unacceptable',...

Clinical skills assessment

In the first of a regular look at the nMRCGP, Dr Daryl Goodwin explains how to pass...

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