8 Care of Children and Young People

This section of our curriculum guide refers to statement 8, Care of Children and Young People, produced by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

GPs have an important role in the care of children and young people. Most care for children and young people is delivered outside the hospital setting, and there is good evidence that providing care in primary care delivers improved outcomes in the health of children and young people.

The experiences of children and young people in early life – and even before birth – have a crucial impact on their life chances. Promoting health in children and young people can be included in all contacts with a child, a young person and their family, and should be targeted particularly at the vulnerable and socially excluded. 

Here we have collated key articles from our journals to help you meet the curriculum requirements in this area.

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Vomiting in children

Vomiting in children - red flag symptoms

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Managing cows' milk allergy in primary care

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GP dilemma: Child malnutrition

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Emotional distress in children and young people

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Weight faltering and failure to thrive

Advice on helping parents to manage feeding difficulties, excluding medical problems...

Acute erythematous rashes in children

Infectious causes of erythematous rashes in children and important differential diagnoses.

Clinical review: Paediatric pertussis

The management of pertussis (whooping cough) including making the diagnosis, suitable...

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