RCGP Curriculum

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14 Care of People with Learning Disabilities

NICE recommends GP autistic register for QOF

GPs could be asked to develop a national autism register to help end the 'invisibility'...

Clinical review: Down's syndrome

The aetiology of Down's syndrome, the screening process and management of comorbidities...

Learning disabilities study uses GP data to highlight health gap

The largest-ever study into the health of people with learning disabilities in England...

15.10 Skin Problems

Hair loss - red flag symptoms

Dr Tillmann Jacobi provides an overview of serious conditions that may underlie this...

Erythema - red flag symptoms

Dr Tillmann Jacobi considers red flag symptoms in erythema and details three of the...

Differential diagnoses: Skin pigmentation

Dr Nigel Stollery discusses the usual presenting features of four disorders

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