PCT managers are 'poor and obstructive', says DoH adviser

Most PCT management is poor and GPs should complain to their health authority if they are obstructive in practice-based commissioning.

That was the advice to GPs from the former chairman of the commercial advisory board at the DoH, Sir William Wells,

He said: ‘They have pretty poor quality of management in PCTs and it’s much easier for manager to say no or do nothing because saying yes means they have to take a risk.’

Sir William urged GP consortiums to take their problems higher up the ladder.

‘If you are not getting the right kind of relationship with your PCT, go straight to the SHA and get it to step in. It has no option but to do something because it’s its responsibility to make all this happen.’

Problems were common, he said.

‘I have heard it from right across the country. Groups of GPs are getting together and they can’t get anyone to make a decision.’

Part of the problem for PCTs was that there had been huge pressure over funding in the past year, said Sir William.

‘They are operating within the most draconian climate due to money. That’s not conducive to people taking risks,’ he said.

Earlier this month the commercial advisory board scrapped itself because ministers no longer came to hear its recommendations.


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