National Health Action party calls for 10,000 new GPs in manifesto

The National Health Action (NHA) party has said it would recruit 10,000 new GPs.

Dr Louise Irvine: GP standing for National Health Action party against Jeremy Hunt (Photo: JH Lancy)
Dr Louise Irvine: GP standing for National Health Action party against Jeremy Hunt (Photo: JH Lancy)

The party, founded by doctors in opposition to the Health and Social Care Act, said it supported the traditional model of general practice and would pump new investment into the service and reverse the withdrawal of MPIG funding.

The NHA also supports abolition of prescription charges and more walk-in centres and expanded GP out-of-hours services.

NHA leader Dr Clive Peedell said his party was the only one fully addressing the £30bn NHS funding gap and the underlying problems facing the NHS.

GP investment

‘We're the only party that is talking about an immediate cash injection for the NHS; not in two years or by the end of the parliament but right now,' he said.

The manifesto said the party would increase NHS funding immediately by £4.5bn raised from an increase in income tax, followed by a further rise to meet the £30bn requirement.

Oncologist Dr Peedell said: ‘We're fighting for a healthy NHS that puts patients before profits. We're fighting for a properly funded NHS that helps you and your family when you're at your most vulnerable. But we’re also fighting for a healthy Britain and healthy society‎. That means a fair economy, an end to austerity and a parliament that works for people not politicians.’

The party has 12 candidates standing in the election. Dr Peedell is challenging prime minister David Cameron in Witney, while GP Dr Louise Irvine - who led the successful Save Lewisham Hospital campaign - is taking on health secretary Jeremy Hunt in South West Surrey.

NHA policies:

  • Immediate cash injection of £4.5bn, raised by increasing income tax by a penny in the pound, followed by a level of NHS funding sufficient to meet the £30bn funding gap by 2020

  • The NHS must move towards a funding level similar to other industrialised countries. Currently it is the lowest of all the G7 countries

  • No more wasteful competition between different parts of the NHS. Prioritise cooperation and collaboration

  • No more selling off chunks of our NHS to private companies

  • The 'NHS Bill 2015' will repeal the 2012 Health & Social Care Act, reinstating the principles of the NHS without further disrupting services

  • Crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion to generate £20bn for the economy

  • To improve access and continuity, GP numbers to be increased by 10,000, in line with recommendations from the RCGP

  • A GP needs to remain the patient’s champion and committed advocate. GPs should remain free from financial pressures, particularly incentives that could detrimentally affect their clinical decision-making, which must always be in the best interests of their patients

  • British family medicine is extremely cost-effective but needs investment. The cuts to general practice funding (nearly £1bn in last five years) must be reversed, with greater investment in premises and good GP-led local out-of-hours services

  • Cuts to the Minimum Practice Income Guarantee (MPIG) must be reversed and practices in deprived areas provided with adequate funding

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