MPIG support offer 'does not go far enough', warns GPC

The two-year suspension of MPIG cuts for a small number of practices is a short-term solution that 'does not go anywhere near far enough', the GPC has warned.

Dr Richard Vautrey: MPIG support 'short-term solution' (Photo: JH Lancy)
Dr Richard Vautrey: MPIG support 'short-term solution' (Photo: JH Lancy)

GP magazine revealed on Tuesday that NHS England's London region has decided to restore MPIG funding for 2014/15 and 2015/16 for a small number of practices that were due to lose out, with area teams across the country to follow suit.

GPC deputy chairman Dr Richard Vautrey told GP: 'We have been pushing hard for support to be provided to those practices most affected by the damaging MPIG imposition since it was first proposed in 2012 and this is the first sign of a change of heart by NHS England, and them acknowledging that their policy is damaging practices and patient services.

'However, it does not go anywhere near far enough and will only give short-term respite to a very small number of practices serving deprived populations.'

All practices affected need support

Dr Vautrey warned that similar support was urgently needed for all practices struggling after significant funding cuts.

'This is just a sticking plaster. What we need is real and sustained investment to level up the funding for all practices,' he said.

PMS funding cuts from 2015/16 were likely to leave many more practices struggling, Dr Vautrey added.

'The situation is only going to get worse next year as the vast majority of PMS practices start to have their funding cut. This could be more damaging as there is a risk that PMS funding will be lost to general practice as a whole as it is used to fund deficits elsewhere in the NHS England budget, or they will be made to work even harder to earn some of it back, so stretching further an already overstretched service.'

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