This Morning doctor takes Scotland's first Omega-3 health test

Television’s most famous GP - This Morning’s Dr Chris Steele - opened Scotland’s first nutritional health clinic, taking part in a series of nutritional blood tests designed to check the Omega-3, oxidative stress and vitamin levels in his blood stream.

Dr Steele - the face of the recent flu jab campaign - is well-known for his belief in investigating new health treatments - and his presence gives important backing to the first in a chain of “Essential Health Clinics”.

Designed to offer people the chance to try a range of alternative health treatments - and focusing on nutritional medicine - alongside pharmaceutical solutions, further clinics are planned for London, Dublin and Bangkok.

Nutritional medicine is a regime with its roots firmly grounded in scientific evidence. From the first doctors prescribing citrus fruits to prevent scurvy, to the current trends highlighting the beneficial use of omega 3 fish oils, nutritional medicine has been proven time and time again to offer scientifically based benefits.

The Essential Health Clinic is the only facility in Scotland to offer conclusive nutritional tests to examine the status of patients’ blood and then recommend appropriate nutritional guidance and Dr Chris Steele will take an innovative Omega-3 blood test at the clinic opening.

The test – which measures the level of Omega 3 fatty acids present in the blood stream - is currently only available in the United States, but the Essential Health Clinic team have teamed up with lab scientists at the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling to make it available to people across Britain. 

Patients will benefit from forty years of combined expertise from General Practitioners Dr Tom Gilhooly and Dr William Graham, along with a team of carefully selected fully trained professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Both from Glasgow, these two leading doctors have successfully used their combined nutritional and allopathic approach to treat conditions from Multiple Sclerosis to ADD, Chronic Fatigue to drug addiction, Diabetes to depression. Dr Graham also acts as chief nutritional adviser to one of Scotland’s leading football teams.

Guests at the launch will include Alison Peebles, Taggart actress, and Clyde One DJ Tiger Tim, who are both working with Dr Gilhooly to manage their Multiple Sclerosis through nutritional medicine.

Dr Tom Gilhooly said:

“We understand that people might be wary of just ditching the traditional routes to health, and this is why we look at the pharmaceutical drugs that they are taking and work with them to see where nutritional medicine can help.

"However, we don’t just want the clinic to be for people who are ill. Optimal health is available to everyone, they just need the correct guidance. With optimal health comes the fantastic benefit of increased energy and vitality. We are only too willing to pay for energy in the form of gas, electricity or even batteries, so why not invest in energy in the form of optimal health?"

The Essential Health clinic will also be offering opportunities to other GPs to come to open sessions and learn more about nutritional medicine, so that the practice is sharing its ideas throughout the NHS.

Dr Chris Steele said:

“Nutrition has been brought heavily into the public eye in the last few years, with many people realising that their diet has a great influence on the way that they feel. However, it is important to realise that with more difficult conditions, levels of supplementation need to be carefully controlled, and sometimes tied in with the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs. This is why I am supporting Dr Gilhooly and Dr Graham in their efforts to provide patients with a balanced understanding of the benefits of clinically researched nutritional medicine at the Essential Health Clinic in Glasgow.”

Ends Monday 19th February 2007

Notes to the editor / picture editor

This release sent on behalf of Dr Tom Gilhooly and the Essential Health Clinic by Jane Nower from Axis Media Group. For more information or case studies contact  07894067584 or

Dr Chris Steele will be available for interview from 11 am until 12 noon when he will officially open the Essential Health Clinic. Guests expected will include patients, including Alison Peebles, Taggart actress and Clyde One DJ Tiger Tim, GPs from around Glasgow, and representatives from the MS Society, LDN Trust and other support groups throughout the West of Scotland. For more information on the clinic please go to 

Guests in vehicles should access the clinic from Greenhill Road, and drive to the first floor of the Mitchell Arcade carpark, where the clinic’s main entrance is situated. Guests on foot can enter through the main arcade, through an entrance in Dickson’s Pharmacy.

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