Malignant disease

Contributed by Dr Philip Marazzi, Surrey

Carcinoma of the ovary

This woman presented with an ovarian mass. It was adherent to the bladder, but had not spread further.

She underwent major surgery to remove the ovary and bladder and, two years later, is doing well.


This 67-year-old woman presented originally with abdominal pain and was found to have a retroperitoneal sarcoma. It was excised, but sadly recurred.

Here she has massive ascites in the late stages of the disease due to extensive peritoneal disease.

Basal cell carcinoma

This is a common nodular type of this frequently seen tumour. Its position next to the eye meant that care was required with its excision, involving the formation of a flap to fill the defect in order to reduce the risk of scar tissue interfering with eyelid function.


This man presented with a strange firm swelling on his upper arm. Initially, it was thought to be a rather unusual-looking torn muscle.

The lump was subsequently biopsied and found to be a myxoid pleomorphic sarcoma, a rare malignant tumour.

Surgical removal has been successful.

Breast carcinoma

This 50-year-old woman presented with partial nipple retraction. It was found to be caused by an underlying carcinoma.

She underwent local excision of the lump and sentinel node biopsy to assess possible lymphatic spread, allowing her to keep her breast.


This man with a lymphoma has had chemotherapy. This has caused significant suppression of his bone marrow function.

He is seen here having granulocyte-colony stimulating factor injections to try to increase his low white cell count. He is also having injections to increase his red cell production.

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