You can look sole fantastic this year!

After the Christmas partying our bodies need to relax, unwind and in most cases shed a few pounds! Finding the right diet to help banish that post-Christmas belly can be tricky when there are so many options to choose from.

In fact, you may have discovered your New Year Diet but have already fallen off the wagon, simply because it did not fit into your lifestyle needs. This is why Dr Metz Slimsoles are such an easy dieting tool. They fit into your shoes and your lifestyle, offering a daily reminder of what you are trying to achieve. So if you need some motivation to help you get active and lose weight at the same time, Slimsoles may be right for you.

Using the principles of reflexology and acupressure, Slimsoles help encourage weight loss. The great thing about them is that because they are discreet and easy to use, you can pop them inside your boots, trainers or work shoes without any discomfort. In actual fact, simply by walking you are encouraging weight loss, so you can build them into your everyday life.

Using the science of reflexology, the Slimsoles help you lose weight as you walk. Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that focuses on the stimulation of specific points on the feet, which correspond to a specific organ of the body. The Slimsoles put pressure on points on your feet, known as reflex zones, which stimulate the function of the internal organs responsible for obesity and poor digestion.

The mild stimuli initiated by the knobbly surface of the Slimsoles correspond with the relevant reflex zones; in turn these affect the internal structures in the body such as the stomach, liver, bowels, gallbladder, kidneys, solar plexus and lymphatic system.

Effects of this holistic reflexology include excitation and improvement of the metabolic process, regulation of digestion and water balance, as well as an increased release of fat from the fat cells. As your metabolism and digestive organs begin to work more efficiently, clinical studies have shown you can lose up to 10lbs in just 6 weeks, without major dieting or increases in your level of exercise.

Commenting upon the Slimsoles, Roger Bratton, Director at Tower Health said, “Slimsoles can really kick-start your New Year diet. Having them in your shoes and walking every day encourages the metabolism to speed up. Used on their own they work really well but when combined with a healthy lifestyle regime wearers will notice a significant reduction in weight.”

Available in a range of sizes for both ladies and men, Slimsoles are available exclusively from Tower Health, priced at £19.95. For more information contact Tower Health on 08450 066 077 or visit the website at


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