Jobcentres have a role in reducing incapacity

The proposal that GPs give 'well notes' will have no effect unless the recipients of such notes are forced to accept them. 

Our Jobcentre refuses to accept notes that suggest that the patient can do some, or even any, work, or any suggestion that they should have a Benefits Agency assessment or see the 'back to work' or 'access' adviser at the jobcentre, and sends them back to 'get it filled in properly'.

Thus the Jobcentre is maintaining huge numbers of people on incapacity benefit (IB), which is costing the taxpayer money that would be better spent on patient care, and also forces patients into the sick role.

Some patients who should have been back at work by now if following our clinically derived rehabilitation plans, have been given long IB awards, and are thus now 'disabled' indefinitely.

GPs have shown themselves willing to promote back to work, but Jobcentres have not.

It is time someone laid down the rules.

Dr David Church, Powys.

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