Imposition of extended hours is just the start
The Q in QOF was meant to be for quality, not quantity. Allowing extra (extended) hours into the quality framework is a disaster; once the GPC concedes this, the government will be able to push us further year by year - or no pay rise. We have already seen this happen. 

Having received my 'ballot paper' this week, the 'key question' is to opt for imposition A or B. Where is the option of continued negotiation, of rejecting unilateral changes to our contract, of making a stand? The profession has not been given the third option of saying 'no'.

It must surely be unlawful to change a contract unilaterally in this way.

What other group of professional negotiators or trade union would accept this position, and then poll their members with such a short range of options?

Why bother to seek our opinion without giving us the opportunity to reject both A and B?

Come on GPC. Give us some reasonable options. Of course imposition A is better than B. Anyone could look at the current options and make that decision. But does that mean that we should accept it?

Dr Simon Hodes, Watford, Hertfordshire.

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