Letters: More research needed on paracetamol effects

I read with interest your article on the link between paracetamol and childhood asthma (GP, 3 October).

It supports my view of overuse of paracetamol for minor fevers (ie without pain or other therapeutic indication).

However I do think it would be worthwhile to research whether it is really the paracetamol that causes the higher incidence of asthma.

I think it very likely that the paracetamol-user group is also one of generally high intervention in minor illnesses and a tendency be over protective.

This group would be likely to be a high user of other OTC drugs and antibiotics.

I wonder if the 'over protectiveness' itself and/or the overuse of antibiotics are not just as important factors to cause the high rate of childhood asthma in this group.

Dr Lutz Umnus, Warrington.

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