Letters: Public vote has huge effect on morale

Some are born successful and some have success thrust upon them.

The rest of us wonder where are we going wrong. We hear stories of people winning awards, achieving goals, achieving targets.

Why not me? It was a moment that shocked the most of the BBC viewers of Strictly Come Dancing. If John Sergeant could be picked week after week by the public, what is wrong with me? I am in a much better shape than him not only in looks but also in my work.

Why did I not do well on patient survey? I simply could not believe that my result was lower than national average.

If the public could keep John in week after week, why could not the same public give me a higher score?

I am beginning to wonder, do people actually understand what voting means and what effect it can have on morale?

I hope the next year will bring a success story for me too, as it did for him.

Dr Anita Sharma, Oldham.

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