Letters: We need to be paid for the work we do

What if all those other greedy doctors worked for free? Think of all the other hospitals that might stay open (GP, 28 September).

My local builder is excellent and if he suddenly stopped charging, I and the rest of the local population would wholeheartedly exploit his largesse. I would smile and massage his ego by telling him what a good egg he is, but secretly I would think he is an idiot, or had won the Lottery perhaps?

If those GPs in Sussex don't need to earn a living, then bully for them. Those of us who do are not impressed by such affectation. It feeds the public's infantile sense of entitlement and their magical thinking about the NHS. The notion of getting what you pay for is obfuscated by such gestures.

Dr Patrick Young, Burntwood, Staffordshire.

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