Letters: A case of a troublesome, furry visitor to my clinic

I would like to request some advice as to how to handle a disruptive influence in the waiting room.

For some weeks now we have been visited on a daily basis by what can only be described as an unusually hairy creature.

He (or possibly she) attends without an appointment and yet demands the attention of our busy staff.

He monopolises the children's play area of the waiting room and terrorises the inhabitants of our fish tank.

He is often found wandering down the corridor and straying into the doctors' and nurses' rooms, even slipping in unnoticed during a consultation should the door be slightly ajar.

Several times a day he has to be forcibly ejected from the building. However, having been thrown out of the back door, he merely strolls in again through the front door.

Remarkably we have not yet received any complaints. He even seems quite popular amongst our long-suffering patients.

I enclose a photograph of our visitor which illustrates his typical behaviour.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Dr Simon Loader, Gloucester

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