Letters calls & emails: NHS too important for government control

Dear Editor

I am totally sick of the government messing with our work. As Dr Jimmy Courtney, secretary of Eastern LMC, recently told the Northern Irish LMCs’ conference, ‘with each change of administration there is a new set of policies’ (GP, 6 April).

DESs,LESs, Choose and Book and the rest should be abolished.

The problem is that we are not united. We sit in our surgeries and utter a few loud words without taking any action. After a few days, it’s all forgotten as if nothing has happened, until the government brings about another change. Then we get out of our chairs again, and make another of our loud speeches.

I am fed up with this toing and froing.

I agree with the LMC in Northern Ireland that called for the NHS to be freed from direct political control and established as an independent authority.

The new GMS contract our so-called leaders cooked up with their pals cost the tax payer millions of pounds and is gradually making a U-turn. Now practices are going to lose £30,000 in DES cuts, after seeing a zero per cent rise for 2007/8 after putting in a mountain of hard work (indeed, the UK death rate from CHD has fallen).

Apart from not complying with Choose and Book, DESs, and so on, suggested by some, we should all come out in full force, like our counterparts in France and Italy do. Enough is enough. It is time to ask our ‘leaders’ to show some strength and do what they were elected to do.

Dr I M Ali
Chatham, Kent

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