Letters, calls and emails: I shall not be promoting Blair’s health reforms

Dear Editor

I couldn’t believe your article about our dear leader, TB, asking us to ‘make the case on clinical grounds’ for the changes he is imposing on the NHS (GP, 8 December 2006).

Its like asking turkeys to ‘make the case on traditional grounds’ for Christmas dinner. He must be crackers.

He obviously has no idea of what people on the coal face actually think of the reforms.

He reminds me of those ancient kings who surrounded themselves with sycophants who told them that everything was wonderful, and how good the ideas were and that everybody loved them.

We need to let him know in any way we can, that we are totally opposed to the changes.

All of the changes are politically, not clinically, driven. They have no evidence base and are not wanted by either patients or doctors.

The driving force is saving money, not what is best for patients.

The list of expensive white elephants goes on and on — the privatisation of hospital building and hospital cleaning (expensive, with dirty wards) and Choose and Book (shown actually to upset and confuse patients). Then there is the kyphotic Spine (compulsory apparently, but I will encourage my patients to boycott it, preventing this police state from being able to access their details); matrons; walk-in centres; NHS Direct; and so on and so forth.

The public needs to be made aware that their money is being spent on expensive, politically driven projects, that have been shown to be of no actual clinical benefit, and which have been foisted on staff, with no consultation and at great expense.

The one good thing Mr Blair has done is convince me to retire early.

Dr Peter Brewer

Looe, Cornwall

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