Letters, calls and emails: Hurt the DoH and maintain patient care

Dear Editor

Many people believe that GPs are overpaid thanks to statements by the DoH and elaboration by the press.

To be insulted for a second year by the award of what is effectively a pay cut is an indication of how ineffective we are as a profession in demonstrating our worth.

Unfortunately, until GPs start enrolling in trades-union-type organisations, we are going to have increasing and inappropriate demands placed upon our already excessive working day for less and less money.

I await the creation of a new Medical Practitioners’ Trades Union with bated breath, but, in the meantime, if the DoH wishes to hit us in the pocket, the box below indicates examples of simple ways in which we can retaliate while continuing to improve the quality of patient care.

There are of course very many more ways to spend the NHSs’ money effectively.

A simple choice for GPs at their computer terminal; a simple choice for the DoH at its pay negotiations

Dr Nigel Higson
Hove, Sussex

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