Letters calls & emails: GPs can also play the government's game

Dear Editor

After a good day at the coal face, I read in GP that my best option to tackle the politicians’ gradual undermining of our role is to retire (GP, 13 April).

Let’s think... Who always come out tops in the popularity stakes: us or them? Who sees most of the dear old punters year in year out: us or them? Yep, yours truly. Next, who votes for the clowns in Westminster? Yep, the dear old patients.

So, just as a bit of reverse playfulness, if, whilst ticking my quality framework boxes, I were to add to my little chat about Auntie’s bunions an aside about rubbish ministers dismantling the NHS, spread some malicious gossip about privatisation, fees, etc, and, maybe put up a poster or two about Big Brother, confidentiality and the IT fiasco — and if all GP readers did the same (or just threatened to) — would the politicos perhaps have a bash at another group for a while? I think so.

Dr S P Rothery

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