Letters, calls and emails: GPs need to field more political candidates

Dear Editor

Whereas Chris Lancelot suggests that someone should stand for parliament where a hospital is threatened, I would go further (GP, 26 January): let us have a candidate in every constituency who has, as a key feature of their campaign, a wish to reform the NHS appropriately.

Each of us will have our own take on the subject, almost certainly at variance with the usual parties, and each may wish to link other topics to make a more rounded appeal to the electorate.

The platform I am considering is ‘Environment and Health’, and I have the encouragement of Dr Richard Taylor MP, who successfully stood as an independent candidate for Kidderminster.

The next general election might be this year or in 2010 but, since none of the parties is presenting an acceptable alternative, we’d better join in and give meaning to the phrase ‘participatory democracy’.

How bad does it have to get before we respond?

I have heard that if you creep up behind an MP and mutter ‘Kidderminster’ in their ear, most will go very pale indeed.

What, beside a few hundred quid, have you got to lose?

Dr Steven Ford

Hexham, Northumberland

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