Letters, calls and emails: Early retirement beats an early grave

Dear Editor

Present-day GPs have been transformed into medical robots, programmed to perform endless tasks and worthless data collection duties.

It is a pity that these extra demands are driving us away from real clinical contact with our patients.

The earning ability in recent years has enticed many of us to work beyond the limit of our endurance. We are bewildered by the gradual transformation of profession in this decade.

The medical press details GPs’ dissatisfaction and declining morale. Work and play have converted into work and work, holidays have become shorter and for some non-existent. Nights have become sleepless because the quality framework rumbles on in our brains, and getting up in the morning is not pleasant either.

Primary care organisations’ eyes are gazing constantly from next door and monitoring us by the millimetre. Never could we have imagined that doctors would go through such a difficult phase in their career.

We submit to government bashings and unilateral directives, such as the zero per cent pay rise, pension disquiet, and privatisation threats with more uncertainties to follow.

We are mentally and physically exhausted, and it is taking its toll on family life.

No amount of wealth will compensate for this loss in the years ahead.

Some are still struggling with an insatiable urge to earn more while they can, but wise are those who choose to retire early. We have two options: ‘fight or flight’ — since it seems we cannot fight, early retirement — flight — to save our sanity is the best option.

Dr Hari Nawal

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