Letters, calls and emails: Are we doctors or mere tools of state?

Dear Editor

The profession now has to decide whether GPs should be independent, and primarily interested in the welfare of their patients, or tools of the government, who are ‘just doing their job’.

If we decide the former, then we have to be prepared to fight. It is clear that the government would prefer us just to be cogs within the NHS machine. Since 1990 it has been trying to diminish our independence and is now using any means at its disposal to denigrate us as part of this strategy.

This worked with the teaching profession, which represents the preferred model for GPs in the future.

It is up to the BMA to refuse to be bullied in this way.

I would not want to become a doctor in this country in the current political climate. Undergraduate medical education is in a parlous state, junior doctors’ career paths have been randomised, senior doctors are treated like office boys. We need to regain control.

We are not compelled to do business with any government.

Dr Graham J Saunders
Northwich, Cheshire

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