Letters, calls and emails: Birth of Virgin interest in primary care

Dear Editor,

Here is the Parable of the Wise and Foolish GPs and Virgin:

Then shall the kingdom of Primary Care be likened unto Virgin, which promised to remove practice headaches and so went forth to meet the GPs.

And five GPs were wise, and five were foolish.

They that were foolish took their accounts, and took no solicitor with them.

But the wise GPs took solicitors in their cars with their accounts.

While the GPs tarried, the BMA slumbered and slept.

And at midnight there was a cry made: ‘Behold, Richard Branson cometh; go ye out to meet him.’

Then all those GPs arose, and readied their accounts.

And the foolish said unto the wise: ‘Give us your solicitor; for we are a bit suspicious of this kind offer of headache removal without paracetamol.’

But the wise answered, saying: ‘No way; go ye rather to your own solicitor, and buy for yourselves.’

And while the wise went to take legal advice, Richard Branson came, and the foolish GPs went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

Afterward came also the wise GPs, saying: ‘Lord Branson, Lord Branson, this looks like a total stitch-up whereby you get your foot into our door, make us wholly dependent upon thee and then take us over completely.’

But he answered and said: ‘I know you not but will soon be opening a competing New Surgery at a shopping centre near you so look in. And by the way I’m not a Lord (yet).’

Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein Richard Branson cometh.

Here endeth the lesson.

Dr Alan McCubbin
Ashington, Northumberland

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